I am an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at El Paso and a Patti and Paul Yetter Center for Law Research Fellow. My research interests include judicial politics, comparative courts, international law, human rights, indigenous law, gender, and diversification and inclusion. More specifically, I examine how courts and judges make decisions, the impact of these decisions on the rule of law and human rights, and the development and interaction of laws across international and domestic spheres.  My research examines these phenomena across a variety of courts, including American federal and state courts, Canadian courts, common law courts, Latin American courts, and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.


Contact information:

Primary email: rareid@utep.edu

Secondary email: reidrebecca66@gmail.com

Phone: (915) 747-7970

500 W. University, Benedict Hall 111, Office 307

University of Texas at El Paso

El Paso, TX 79968

Twitter: @Rebecca_A_Reid

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