Research interests

I focus on the establishment and maintenance of the rule of law, the tensions and interactions between international and domestic law, and determinants of judicial decision making in a variety of courts within American and comparative contexts.

Judicial Decision-making

  • Statutory interpretation and separation of powers
  • The role of the U.S. chief justice in court statutory interpretation
  • How war and security concerns affect U.S. court decisions, particularly at the expense of civil liberties
  • Whether judges’ gender conditions the effect of war on U.S. court decisions

Comparative Courts

  • The establishment of judicial independence and its impact on democratization and economic development
  • How shifting political environments can create new spaces for courts to take more proactive, rights-oriented approaches (Mexico)
  • How gender diversity affects court decisions (Canada)

International Law and Courts

  • The influence of inter-governmental organizations (IGOs) and non-governmental organization (NGOs) on human rights practices and rights protections by domestic courts
  • The influence of international and foreign law on the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. state high courts
  • Why states grant regional human rights courts jurisdiction
  • Inter-American Court of Human Rights jurisprudence and state compliance to court  decisions
  • Strategic decision-making and selection biases at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Indigenous Law

  • How the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. state high courts evaluate indigenous rights claims
  • How common law courts and federalist structures impact First Nations rights
  • Inter-American Court of Human Rights jurisprudence on indigenous rights and state compliance with court decisions in indigenous cases