Graduate Studies in Political Science

Interested in obtaining a Master’s degree in Political Science?

Our program offers a Master’s degree with faculty expertise in diverse areas of research and teaching. We focus on topics like democracy and democratization, state and local government, public administration and public policy, American and comparative judicial politics, politics of the US Presidency, public opinion and media, political behavior, elections and electoral systems, party systems, identity politics, civil and international conflicts, globalization, regional collaboration and integration, international law and courts, international political economy, and many others. We also have geographic expertise in the politics of the United States, Latin America, Europe, and East Asia. We are an active faculty whose work appears in academic journals and with book publishers that hold high rank in our discipline.

We are equally dedicated to outstanding teaching. Many of us have won teaching honors, such as the University of Texas Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award. We have won or contribute to grant-funded projects that aim to improve our quality of teaching so that our students get an excellent education. The UTEP Edge initiative guides our instruction so that students also learn important life-long learning skills that directly translate into work-aligned skills, such as analytical thinking, effective communication, global awareness, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We also offer opportunities outside the classroom, where we are committed to community engagement.

We help students develop into leaders. Graduates of our M.A. program have gone on to pursue doctorates at top universities, teach in high schools and community colleges, and work in a wide array of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other rewarding jobs in the public and private sectors (CLICK HERE TO SEE CAREERS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE). Many of our graduate students continue into top law schools and doctoral programs, such as those at Chicago, Pittsburgh, Arizona State, Houston, Tennessee, Texas A&M, and UT Dallas. Other students have attained important positions as federal law enforcement officers, security and intelligence analysts, staff positions for governmental representatives, and in positions with non-profit and other non-governmental organizations.

Our MA program offers two degree plan options: a thesis (30 credit hours and thesis) or final paper (36 credit hours and final paper). Students in either degree plan can focus on American Institutions and Processes, Comparative Politics, International Politics, and/or Border Politics. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION). Our department also offers a MPA program (CLICK HERE FOR MPA PROGRAM INFORMATION).

We also offer a Fast Track MA program for UTEP undergraduates who are interested in transitioning from a bachelor’s degree to a graduate degree (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ON FAST TRACK PROGRAM). This program allows outstanding students to simultaneously receive both undergraduate and graduate credit for up to 15 hours of UTEP course work.

Why our program?

With small classes, graduate students get personalized mentorship and professionalization in all of their courses. Our faculty are committed to mentorship, socializing and expanding professional networks to include our graduate students, and incorporating them into our teaching, research, and service missions. We offer a high-impact education for a variety of career paths, including teaching in high schools and community colleges as well as working in a wide array of government and military agencies, non-profit organizations, and other rewarding jobs in the public and private sectors. We also offer ample original research, academic conference, and co-authorship opportunities for students who seek to pursue doctorates at top universities. Our alumni consistently achieve their career goals by becoming leaders in education, research, industry, advocacy, and government at all levels.

Our program reflects quality as well as student diversity, attracting students locally, nationally, and globally. Indeed, we are among the more diverse programs at UTEP. We have students from Australia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Cameroon, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, and others. We welcome the variety of experiences and perspectives across our student (and faculty) body and offer a multicultural education that prioritizes global awareness and cultural competencies for an increasingly globalized and interdependent world.

Unlike most MA programs, we have merit-based funding available for teaching and research assistants, which can offer full or partial tuition assistance. Many of our graduate students have also been awarded various scholarships and prestigious internships at the federal, state, and local governments and non-governmental organizations. Our tuition is also relatively low compared to many schools around the country. In short, we take seriously our commitment of quality education that is accessible and inclusive to all students.

Our admissions process is quick and easy. We offer support during the application process to assist with any questions or concerns, and we deliver decisions within weeks of your application submission. Our offers are competitive and often surpass other graduate programs.

Finally, El Paso is a wonderful place to live. El Paso offers the amenities of large cities—such as public transit, concerts, festivals, art and film, food, and (multi)cultural activities—while simultaneously cultivating a small town feel that is welcoming and safe. Consistently ranked among the top three safest cities, El Paso has affordable housing and low living costs that benefits families of all sizes. With sunny weather virtually all year round, El Paso is located in the Chihuahuan desert right next to Mexico—offering the benefit of easy travel, great food, convenient access to national parks, and plenty of outdoor activities and sports. Even if you prefer winter sports, El Paso is only a couple hours from away from New Mexico’s ski resorts, cabin lodges, ice skating, and other activities.

Want more information about our graduate program? Please feel free to contact me a Click here for application information.

Dr. Rebecca A. Reid, Graduate Director and Advisor

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