International and Comparative Law & Courts

Comparative and international law and courts scholarship is a relatively recent addition to the public law subfield, and its growing prominence has highlighted the dynamic interactions of international and domestic legal spaces and emphasized the complex relationships of law and political systems across the world. Yet, scholars in these areas are often isolated from each other, in part due to the international scope of where these research communities reside and the wide range of journals within which their scholarship can be found. This isolation is problematic in that it can be difficult to locate and connect with scholars who share similar interests, to build collaborative research projects and coauthorships, to identify possible research and career opportunities, to form networks of mentorship and sponsorship for junior scholars and graduate students, and to locate appropriate referees for manuscript submissions. 

To remedy this, we developed the International and Comparative Law & Courts group, a collaborative network where scholars studying law and courts around the world can interact. This network offers a platform to coordinate junior and senior scholars from around the world to engage in collaboration, mentorship, networking, and research feedback. It welcomes scholars who study international law and courts, transitional justice, transnational courts, and criminal justice systems, among others. As such, we define the study of law and legal systems broadly so as to offer an inclusive space for all scholars. We also hope that this space will help graduate students and prospective graduate students to identify and pursue their research and career interests.

This group consists of a Facebook group, a directory, Twitter account, and a listserv. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in joining this group (or would like more information), please contact Dr. Rebecca Reid at Interested parties do not have to have Facebook accounts to join the directory of scholars or the listserv. To be included in the directory, email Dr. Rebecca Reid your name, preferred pronoun, area(s) of expertise, country location, email, and website link. This directory will aid scholars to locate and contact scholars outside of social media platforms, and it will assist in the creation of a public website to enable media, editors, students, etc. to search and identify scholars within certain areas of expertise.

Special thanks to Dr. Monica Lineberger for creating the listserv via University of Wisconsin-Whitewater!

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