Curricular Innovations: Introductory Political Science and American Government Courses

Keep a look out here for new materials through Fall 2021!

Dr. José Villalobos, Dr. Todd Curry, and I are grateful to receive a UT System Curricular Innovation Grant to develop curricula for political science introductory courses. While our curricular innovation program focuses on introductory American Government and Politics courses, the program is designed to be adaptable for a variety of courses and flexible in terms of delivery format. We focus on four synergistic pillars, which can be integrated into courses through a variety of ways:

1) Community Engagement,

2) Empathetic and Ethical Leadership,

3) Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,

4) Politics and Policy in Action

We will offer sample activities, assignments, and evaluation as well as sample syllabi. If you like some of learning modules, this program will make it easy to incorporate these materials and teaching strategies within your courses. We are also happy to answer any questions and will offer workshops or individual meetings for those interested.