Course Information: Spring 2023


POLS 3323: International and Comparative Courts

This course provides an introduction to the study of legal systems, courts, judicial process and behavior, and the rule of law across the world. This course examines legal and judicial systems across courts beyond the United States and evaluates the function and impact of international and regional courts. Students will critically analyze domestic and international legal systems, examine judicial behavior across political and institutional contexts, and evaluate the role of courts in processes of democratization, separation of powers, human rights, state sovereignty, and the rule of law.


POLS 3324: Indigenous Law and Politics

This course offers an introduction to indigenous affairs and law. Students are challenged to critically analyze the roles and structures of colonization, law, political institutions, and political processes in terms of how they impact Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Through their examination of legal policy and case law, students will evaluate how law and courts have impacted indigenous sovereignty as well as how contemporary law can enable or restrict indigeneity, repatriation, legal pluralism, and rights advocacy.