Antiracism Materials for Faculty, Educators, and Students

These resources are designed within my own institutional context, but they are easily modified and applicable to other institutional contexts and educational settings. Feel free to look through, use what you like in your own classes and organizations.

UTEP CFLD Grab-N-Go Video: Antiracism and Inclusivity

Grab-N-Go Series:

Additional Resources

Decolonial Politics:

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA):

The Red Nation:

Project Implicit:

Zinn Education Project:

The 1619 Project:

The 400 Years Project:

The Race Institute:

Early Childhood Education Assembly:

Learning for Justice:;

Teaching LGBTQIA+ History:

Teachers as LGTBQIA+ Allies:

Supporting LGBTQIA Youth Resource List:

Teaching about Islamophobia:;

Teaching Immigration:;

Education Resources on Immigration:

Politics, Groups, and Identities (Academic Journal):

PS: Political Science & Politics (Academic Journal):

The Root:

Indian Country Today:

Stop AAPI Hate:

Black Lives Matter:

Native American Rights Fund:

Black in the Ivory:


Neurodiversity Hub:

Neurodiversity Network: